Norcross Department of Economic Development Launches New Talent and Workforce Development Program

Norcross, GA—April 1, 2019—In November 2018, Avalanche Consulting released a Strategic Marketing and Target Industry Study to assist the economic development department in gaining a better understanding of the local market, including the some of the challenges employers and job seekers are facing in Norcross. While job growth in Norcross has outpaced Gwinnett County, the Atlanta Metro, Georgia, and the US, one the key finds was that there is a disconnect between residents and local employers.

According to the report, the city is split between those who work in Norcross and those who live in Norcross – with very little overlap between the two. According to US Census data, in 2015, 98% of all jobs in Norcross were filled by individuals who lived outside the city. Similarly, 94% of all Norcross residents with jobs, worked for employers outside of the city. Only 2% (369 individuals) both lived and worked in the City of Norcross.

To overcome this and other labor challenges, Mayor Craig Newton worked with the City Manager and Economic Development Department in designing and implementing a locally responsive talent and workforce development program that would benefit both local talent and Norcross employers alike. “As I speak to local employers, there are plenty of high-wage jobs in Norcross, however, there is a disconnect between applicants and employers”, said Mayor Newton. “Businesses are re-locating near talent pools all over metro Atlanta. If we are able to assist in training, increase educational attainments, and connect local talent with our employers, our efforts would create a local talent pool that help would attract, retain and expand businesses here in Norcross.”

As a result, the City’s Department of Economic Development recently launched NorcrossWorks, a talent and workforce development program that will help to bridge labor and training gaps between residents and local companies. Through partnerships and collaborations, the economic development department will work with employers to assist in creating customized training programs, apprenticeships, and hosting job fairs throughout the year. Local employers will also be able to post free job listings on NorcrossWorks online recruitment website. Job seekers will be to apply for jobs, find training and workforce related events and workshops.

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